My cornerstone is Wisdom. Understanding and compassion are central to my life strategy.

I use everything that is available to meet requirements. My Co-Workers and Managers see and understand my ingenuity and resourcefulness. I pride myself in seeing and understanding people and situations. I see and understand the relative worth of people and things. Strategic thinking is my forte. Development of effective responses to situations is one of my primary contributions. I personally strive to cause people and things to function well together.

If different things can be brought together from different resources, I will do it. To invent new systems, processes and things is pure pleasure. I have wit and creativity in my own thinking. Finding the best solution is one of my primary contributions. Rapid and clever exchange of ideas is a personal joy of mine. Exploration of new and better approaches keeps me interested. I am able to see the ways things are, and I know what to do about it. I am seen as a valuable resource for leading people toward the right ideas and the right direction. Understanding others and working with them is a key asset of mine.

Motivating others with my visions and ideas is very satisfying and rewarding. Charm and enthusiasm are part of my arsenal for success. I love a new charge in my life and I like to be the charge in the lives of others. Making presentations puts zest in my life. Choosing your words carefully works well for me. I am good at getting others to work for and with myself. I love to share my knowledge and information with others; I enjoy it and others appreciate it.

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